Gloucester Blues Club: Use It Or Lose It

Gloucester Blues Club LogoLast night I went to see Rabbit Foot play at the Gloucester Blues Club. They were brilliant.

The Gloucester Blues Club started life back in the summer during the annual Gloucester Rhythm and Blues Festival. It is located in the Tree Tops bar at the back of the New Inn – a great atmospheric space which was previously largely unused.

The Blues Festival is also where I first saw Rabbit Foot play – also in the New Inn (pictures below are from that occasion – I didn’t have my camera last night). They come from Seaford and have an unusual set up. The front man, Jamie Morgan, plays guitar – which is not unusual for a blues band. The other two band members, Carla Viegas and a chap whose name I can’t remember (sorry!), however, both play African-style drums. This is unusual. This makes it somewhat difficult to conceptualise their sound – their website describes it as “the soulfulness and intensity of Blues at its best married to the fluidity and funk of African rhythms” which is a pretty good description I think.

So, great venue; amazing band. The problem was, there was hardly anyone there to enjoy it.

I suspect the problem is two-fold: firstly it is a Sunday night. There is something about Sunday nights that gives the sofa an almost irresistible allure: it is difficult to drag yourself away from the TV, especially when it’s cold and dark. However, the Blues Club times are strictly 8:00pm till 10:00pm sharp, so as Carla said, you can still be home in bed by 10:30 – no problem, not even for a school night.

The second problem, I suspect, is that you have to pay to get in: £5 for members, £6 for non-members. This sounds a bit much when you’re used to getting in to see pub bands for free. It is not so bad, however, when you are getting high-quality bands that you don’t normally get a chance to see – well worth the cost.

Alternatively, the problem could be the prophetic nature of the title of Rabbit Foot’s album: Empty Rooms.

The Blues Club is open on the last Sunday of the month – there isn’t one next month as Christmas gets in the way, so the next one is 29 January. Do yourself a favour and make your New Year’s resolution now to drag your arse off the sofa and get down there – you won’t regret it.

This is a great venue – if we don’t use it, we’ll lose it.

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2 Responses to Gloucester Blues Club: Use It Or Lose It

  1. Jamie Morgan says:

    Ah damn it! it never occured to me… it’s a curse!!

  2. Jamie Morgan says:

    We are laughing here, next batch of cd’s will be named All Booked Out …

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