A winter walk on Crickley Hill

We awoke this morning to a beautiful day and decided to make the most of it with a short walk up on Crickley Hill. We used to go to Crickley a lot when we had the dog, but since his passing we are much less frequent visitors, but as it is right on our doorstep it is ideal when we just want to pop out for a short wander in the fresh air.

The steep road up to the car park was well gritted, although there was still plenty of ice and even snow pretty much everywhere else. Since our last visit there has been the (controversial) addition of a pay and display meter, but it is only a pound for 2 hours, so I don’t really begrudge that for such a great and otherwise free facility. As it happens though, even that wasn’t a problem as the pay machine was broken.

We wandered across the top of the hill enjoying the spectacular scenery. It was cold and frosty, but compared to recent days positively balmy as the thermometer crept above zero. The sun shone, slanting acutely across the landscape, highlighting every contour in the hillside and casting long shadows across the frost-covered grass. The sky was a bright watery blue and down in the valley hung a low mist.

Beautiful: the sort of day that makes you glad to be alive!

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5 Responses to A winter walk on Crickley Hill

  1. Jan says:

    Super pics. The belted Galloways are still there, I see. I always have the urge to cuddle them but I doubt they would welcome it.

    A favourite dog-walking spot for me too for many years!

  2. Jim Rigby says:

    It’s been 20 years since my wife Sandy and i moved to the USA from Birdlip. The photo’s brought back so many memories of the beauty of the Cotswolds.

    Thank you…J & S

  3. Darrel Kirby says:

    Glad you enjoyed the pics, it was a great morning.
    The belted galloways are impressive, but I’m not sure about cuddle-able. They certainly leave a lot of large hazards across the hillside!

  4. Eddie says:

    Nice pics. One of the glories of Gloucestershire

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