Not a Charity Case

Yesterday afternoon I was recovering from the ordeal of carrying out two ‘dry’ pub tours and enjoying a much needed drink in the Fountain when my attention was drawn to the beer mat on the table.

On one side of the beer mat was an advert for Shepherd Neame’s Spitfire and a chance to win a day with the Red Arrows. On the other side was an advert for the RAF Benevolent Fund (RAFBF).

This side of the beer mat showed an old guy in a trilby hat and had the following words:

“In 1990 I had a stroke, which left me unable to walk more than a few yards. Without the scooter the RAF Benevolent Fund provided for me, I would be Housebound.

“It’s not quite a Spitfire, but it has given me back my life.

“Tony Rogers, 84. WII Spitfire Pilot”

I don’t in any way wish to belittle the good work of the RAFBF, but when we see all of the tax money squandered on undeserving, unappreciative, low-life bottom-feeders of society, in what world should this man have had to resort to charity to get that scooter.


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