Happy Gloucester Day!

September 5th is Gloucester Day. It harks back to 1643 and the triumphant end of the Siege of Gloucester. The Southgate was re-erected the same year with the inscription “A City Assulted by Man but Saved by God – Ever Remember the 5th of September, 1643, Give God the Glory”, although personally I think the glory should go to the men and women who braved the siege rather than God.

It was a national holiday until the restoration and was revived in 2009 to inject some much needed civic pride into the city. For last years parade see here and here.

It is of course no longer a national holiday, but a parade is held through the city of Gloucester, consisting of people in historic dress of various periods, war veterans, marching bands, youth groups and the usual tail of god-botherers.

This years parade was held today (4 September) – it was a glorious sunny day and the parade was impressively large. An excellent event for the city.

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