A life-Saving 30mg?

I note that the whole issue of reducing drink drive limits has once again made it into the news today, with the recommendation still to cut the legal limit from 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood to just 50mg/100ml. I was hoping that with the change of Government this particular bogey man might have crawled back under its rock, but alas no.

I have already discussed why I think this is a bad idea in a previous blog, but to recap: I don’t condone drink driving, clearly it is criminally stupid, but despite the statistics wheeled out I fail to see what significant difference 30mg/100ml is really going to have and find it difficult to believe that it will really save as many lives as stated.

What it will do, however, is further endanger the country pub and provide another opportunity to whack the poor motorist under the guise of the Government doing what is right for us.

As I discussed previously there are plenty of other things that will impair your driving far more than a pint of medium strength beer – here’s my top 5:

  1. Talking – talking on mobile phones is already banned and now, apparently, it has been found that having your passenger talking on a mobile is almost as dangerous as listeneing to a one-sided conversation is very distracting. However, even just having a natter can distract you dangerously, especially if you are one of those people who has to look into the eyes of the person you’re talking to.
  2. Smoking – much fuss has recently been made about not eating whilst you drive, but what about smoking? Not only do you fill the car up with an acrid smoke, but if you drop the cigarette you risk setting light to yourself – worse surely than dropping your Twix.
  3. Kids – how distracting must it be to have over-talkative, arguing or screaming kids in the back of the car. How anyone could concentrate through that is beyond me. Small yappy dogs running around are just as bad.
  4. Daydreaming – it’s a long, boring, well trod route; you barely have to be there really, the car knows its own way. You slip into a daydream, or perhaps thinking about work, or perhaps swooning over your new found love. Suddenly there is the blaring of a horn, the rumble of the cats eyes…..
  5. Illness – you’re not ill enough to be confined to bed so you have to go to work, but your throat is sore, your nose is snotty, your eyes are streaming and your head is muzzy. You are doped up on Lemsip and Night Nurse. You’ll be fine.

And as if one top 5 wasn’t enough in one blog, here’s my top 5 indicators of drivers to avoid more than those who have had a pint of medium strength beer:

  1. it’s a very old, boring car that is in pristine showroom condition
  2. the fog lights are on to ensure clear visibility in the light drizzle
  3. the only thing you can see over the steering wheel are knuckles and a old hat.
  4. there is a fish or any other religious symbolism stuck to the boot
  5. it has an exuberantly large spoiler on the back and lurid lights under the car

I’ll happily except a reduction to the drink driving limits once these menaces to society are all stamped out – surely it is all at least as easily enforceable.


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2 Responses to A life-Saving 30mg?

  1. Russ says:

    Much as it sticks in my throat, I must agree with my brother. What I find galling is that many supporters of lowering the alcohol limit have experienced the tragedy of drink drivers. Not wanting to trivialise their grief or opinion, from my experience, most [drink related] accidents (and court appearances) are caused by drivers 2 or 3 times over the limit or who have already been involved in an incident and been breathalysed as a result. These are the hardcore drink drivers for whom any limit would be an irrelevance. Additionally, levels of alcohol affect different people differently. Half a shandy and a 10mg level and I would be even more useless. Far more important than considering a change in the law would be to more rigorously enforce the existing law. However, how this could be done without being too intrusive I have no idea.
    I do not, obviously, condone driving over the limit.

  2. janh1 says:

    Dogs and kids should be made to run alongside the car on the pavement until they learn to behave. Mine always did.

    You’ve obviously spotted the same pensioner as me. Honda, white knuckles gripping the upper section of steering wheel, hatted head a lot lower? I suspect she was a ground mechanic on Spitfires in the war followed by a spell cracking the Enigma Code. She drives as though she is the only car on the road. Damn near took the front nearside off my car as she cut me up mercilessly on the way into Chelters the other day.

    Gimme 30 years of rampant shrinkage and I’ll be just like her.

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