Story of Gloucester’s Pubs Now Available!

The Story of Gloucester's PubsExciting news: my book, The Story of Gloucester’s Pubs is now on sale!

 I was in town drinking with friends yesterday afternoon (Sadly in Cheltenham rather than Gloucester) when I got the news that several large boxes of books had turned up on the doorstep. The industrial sized hangover that I suffered this morning was therefore somewhat mitigated by the excitement of seeing the book in its finished form for the first time.

 I presume that this means they are also now in the shops. Waterstones are stocking it and I believe that Asda have also ordered a large number. You can also get it from the History Press website.

 However, the best way to buy the book is surely from one of Gloucester’s finest hostelries, and then enjoy it over a pint. A number of pubs have offered to stock it, so I will be distributing it next week – I will post details of where you can get it from on my website.



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One Response to Story of Gloucester’s Pubs Now Available!

  1. Joe K says:

    Speaking of drunken ramblings, I saw the story about the ‘haunted pint’ on the Gloucestershire Boards. No-one but me seems to have noticed who put the glass on the (edge of the) table, in that CCTV clip. A GB poster, a moderator, no less. As he claims to be a ‘Citizen columnist’ on the Gloucester FM Facebook page he controls, it’s strange that he’s being so reticent. He’s also a friend of the ‘Ghost Lady’, Lynn Cindery, but that can’t have any bearing either…

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