Still Loving the Snow

Several days on from my last blog, where I waxed lyrical about the snow, and it is still with us.

Since then we’ve had to get used to living our lives in this temporarily frozen climate and frankly it hasn’t been so bad. The roads are now mostly clear, so getting to work hasn’t been so bad, although why people still feel the need to drive at 20mph on perfectly clear roads just because there is some snow on the verges defeats me.

I had the joy of doing the weekly shopping this morning and that was manic. I’ve not seen Sainsbury’s so packed – not even in the run up to Christmas. I don’t know if it is just because people have been unable to get to the supermarket for the past few days so are making up for it, or whether everyone is settling in for a long siege, but either way, if it’s not urgent I suggest you give it a miss.

This afternoon, though, has been great. We drove up to Crickley Hill, near Birdlip, and went for a walk. The weather was crisp and cold and the snow lay several inches deep across the hill. The road into the park was closed and was in use by dozens of people with sleds – young and old alike. It was brilliant.

No matter how impossible it is to get to work or school, when it snows there are always people sledding on Crickley Hill, and you can see why: it’s more fun than work or school and therefore worth that bit of extra effort.

We didn’t brave the sledding, but did have a good bracing walk and took a few photos. Afterwards we adjourned to the nearby Air Balloon, where the log fire was roaring away and an excellent pint of Rocking Rudolph was available. This is what winter is all about – and it looks like there’s much more to come!

Crickley Hill Crickley Hill 2

Crickley Hill 3 

 Crickley Hill 4

Air Balloon
Air Balloon

 Crickley Hill 5 Crickley Hill 6 Crickley Hill 7 Crickley Hill 8


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