Let it Snow

‘Crikey, what is going on?’ you may ask; two blogs in a week. Don’t worry, it is not a New Year resolution to bore you with ever greater outpourings of my thoughts; I have merely been inspired by the snow.

Cold as the Devil

Cold as the Devil

If you live in England you have probably noticed that it’s been snowing. You can’t avoid it even if you are living under a rock – in fact, especially if you are living under a rock, probably!

The first flakes of snow fell here in Gloucester around lunch time and immediately the office was swept with two different reactions. One was excitement, as some of the more young at heart rushed outside to build snowmen and throw snowballs at each other, the other was fear and panic.

Within an hour this latter group were gathering up their belongings and heading for home. In some cases this was with good reason: kids had been sent home from school and needed collecting, or they live at the back end of nowhere and face a treacherous journey home. In other cases it was just blind fear of driving in the snow even though they lived only a mile down the road.

The good news is that this meant that all of the scaredy-cats were out of the way by the time we came to head for home and, ironically, had probably helped to clear the roads for us. Whereas they were gridlocked for hours in traffic, our journey took only a little longer than usual.

And today I didn’t have to worry about any of this because I didn’t go into work.  Not because I was too scared to drive you understand – on the contrary, I feel a little cheated by missing out on the excitement – but just because, as luck would have it, I had booked the day off.  So, I stayed in bed late and then decided to take a walk with my camera.

Before very long I will have had enough of the snow. I will be fed up with the disruption and traffic chaos, I’ll be sick of the endless ‘news’ articles banging on about the weather and I’ll come to hate the nasty, cold, wet, grey slush that gets everywhere. But for now, I think it’s great. It’s exciting, fun and makes even the most mundane piece of geography look magical.

Here’s some pictures I took in Brockworth village to prove it.

Boverton Drive

Boverton Drive

Brockworth allotments & church

Brockworth allotments & church St George's Church

Brockworth Road

Brockworth Road

Brockworth Bypass

Brockworth Bypass


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3 Responses to Let it Snow

  1. Ian says:

    It looks lovely. A bit different to the inside of the Thistle Inn, Barbican that I’m staring at. Mumble groan, grrrr!

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