Musing on Xmas Past

So here we are in 2010, back to work and life returns to normal. 2010 sounds like such a space age kind of year doesn’t it? I was disappointed to wake up on 1 January and peer through the window to find a complete absence of flying cars and people walking around in tin foil suits. I blame the science fiction writers for raising unrealistic expectations.

Having said that, there is some pretty freaky stuff in development: the science of Minority Report could soon be upon us, and if you just had an iPhone for Christmas it may soon be out of date – check out

 Still, the purpose of this blog is to look backwards, not forwards.

 The start of a New Year is a sure sign that another Christmas has just passed and we are trying to pull together the pieces of our normal humdrum lives from the discarded tinsel, wrapping paper and left-over mince pies.

 Christmas is a time ripe with blogging potential, yet apart from a brief discourse on the merits or otherwise of Christmas singles I have remained silent on the subject. This is not for lack of opinion, but because I have been too busy enjoying the festivities to put finger to keyboard, which I like to think is a good thing. If you are a (the?) regular reader of this blog you may be inclined to agree, but for different reasons.

Many people see Christmas as a time for a good old moan. During the festive period I stumbled upon the Grumpy Guide to Christmas on TV where various celebs did just that. Now I agree with many of the things they say: card writing and present wrapping is a chore, Christmas music in shops starting in August does get on your tits and the festive TV programmes are dire.  

However, his does not detract from the good stuff. Stop looking at that glass as half full – drink it up and go and get a fresh one! Christmas is a time for eating, drinking and revelry. It is a time to spend with friends and family. Okay, sometimes they can get on you tits too, but for a few days forget all of that, put on a happy face and a silly hat and just go with it. If you stop moaning you might find its all just good fun.

Of course, to some it is a solemn occasion to mark the birth of Christ. They go around tutting and moaning about the ‘true spirit of Christmas’. Those people really get on my tits! Anyone who has ever met me can be in no doubt that my enthusiasm for Christmas has nothing whatsoever to do with any Christian belief – a religion that I abhor and fear as a source of evil in the world far more dangerous to my safety and way of life than any other, but that’s probably food for another future blog. For now, I just say lets forget all of that and enjoy it.

So that is what I did. Christmas itself was filled with family. Our normally child-free house was, for one day only, filled with Lego and Hannah Montana merchandise. We gorged ourselves silly and generally did all the stuff that you are supposed to do at Christmas.

We spent New Year in more adult company: a group of us descended on friends in Surrey to drink copiously and listen to loud music until the traditional and incomprehensible singing of Auld Lang Syne at midnight, after which we got back to the drinking again.

An interesting and enjoyable addition to our New Year festivities was that some weeks prior to our visit our friends asked everyone for their top 10 songs of all time, which they then downloaded and played through the evening.

 Choosing my top 10 songs of all time was a surprisingly difficult thing to do. Of course, it is really an impossible thing to do: it depends on your mood, the circumstances and whatever you may have just heard on the radio. In the end I just went for 10 songs that I thought I would like to listen to at a New Year party, which seemed to work out well.

Because all of us present at the party had similar tastes it was interesting to listen to the selections and go: ‘blimey, I forgot about that one!’; or ‘I forgot how good that was!’; or, because our tastes have in some cases diverged more recently, ‘what the hell is that?!’. Also, because our host refused to divulge in advance who chose what, we had the added challenge of guessing who selected which.

It’s fun, you should try it. However, a lesson to learn is that even with only eight of us making selections, that is a lot of music to get through in one evening! We finished around 3:30…  

If you’re curious, my selections were as follows, in no particular order (don’t judge me!):

MOTORHEAD – Louie Louie

ZZ TOP – La Grange

HAWKWIND – Quark, Strangeness and Charm

SEX PISTOLS – Pretty Vacant

T-REX – I Love to Boogie

AC/DC – Touch Too Much

DR FEELGOOD – Milk & Alcohol

GORILLAZ – Rock the House

GREEN DAY – Minority

FRATELLIS – Tell me a Lie


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2 Responses to Musing on Xmas Past

  1. Russ says:

    There is, however, photographic evidence of Darrel playing with Hannah Montana guitar and Lego on Christmas day. Never grow up eh bro?

    • darrelkirby says:

      Trying hard not to grow up. Not so keen on Hannah Montana, but you could get me some technical lego if you like – that was pretty damn cool!

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