I’d like to procrastinate, but I keep putting it off

Life has been busy since I last blogged; so busy in fact that I haven’t had time for blogging. It’s a strange anomaly that the less busy you are the more time you have to write about it. And being busy doesn’t necessarily provide good blogging material: I think a blog has to be more than a list of ‘things I’ve done this week’, it needs to have some kind of commentary, introspection or opinion and sometimes when life is full and hectic you just don’t have time to sit and pontificate. This blog, then, may suffer a shortage of these desirable traits!

Another thing that I have been too busy to get on with for most of the past few weeks is writing my book. You would think that having had two weeks to concentrate solely on writing, combined with the additional impetus of having signed with a publisher, would have re-invigorated my writing commitment, but not so. Work on ‘The Story of Gloucester Pubs’ continues extremely slowly and my agreed deadline of 1 December is starting to look not so far away.  

It’s not that I lack good intentions, the problem is that I’m a terrible procrastinator. Well no, actually, I’m a very good procrastinator! Indeed, this blog is itself evidence of my procrastination: right now I should be getting on with my book.

The computer is a great gift to the gods of procrastination: even when I do find a couple of hours to get some writing done I think: I’d better just check my e-mail.  Inevitably my e-mail contains news of wondrous once-in-a-lifetime sale opportunities at HMV and CD Wow, so I’d better check them out; and since I’m on the web anyway, maybe I’ll just take a quick look at Facebook and then catch up on the inane but brief musings on Twitter. Oh, and I wonder how my bid’s going on eBay, better check that out. Before you know it, the opportunity has passed.

Pinned by my desk I have a cartoon as a warning which reads: Colin only logged on to check his e-mail. 4 hours later, he had bought a C-reg Vauxhall Astra and married a 17 year-old Texan. Sadly this is all too plausible. I bet they didn’t have this problem with typewriters.   

Anyway, enough blogging, time to get on with my book. Oh damn it, I’ve run out of time!


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