Benefits of a Whisky Before Bed

Planning for a new kitchen has taken up a lot of thought and effort over recent months. This is a topic which will no doubt feature in future blogs. One knock-on effect of all this planning is that the utility room will also get a make-over. The thing is, the utility room is currently better known as my darkroom. However, since I finally made the leap to digital photography a couple of years ago, despite my best intentions, the darkroom has just been gathering dust, so I have no defence for keeping it.

So the darkroom is no more, and the first step on its transformation to utility room is to get rid of all the darkroom stuff. Much of it went straight into the bin, but there is still an awful lot of useful stuff which has now moved into the dining room waiting for me to do something with it. Yesterday I finally decided the time had come to bite the bullet and get it onto eBay.

Firstly I turned on the enlarger to ensure that it had survived  the short journey to the  dining room. It had. I then began listing all of the vast array of equipment which I had gathered over the years, at a cost of hundreds of pounds, and which has given me a great deal of pleasure. Now it can all be yours for a starting bid of just 99p.

Job done, I went out for the evening with my wife to celebrate a friends birthday – a great evening: just me, four attractive women, lots of beer and a curry.

Several hours later, we returned home and felt that a nightcap was in order. The good whisky is kept in the dining room, and when I went to fetch it I found the room had a strange etheral glow and an unpleasant burning smell. Any initial flashbacks to my ghostly experieces of earlier in the week were quickly dispelled as I realised the enlarger was still on. The transformer, designed to run for just seconds or a few minutes at a time, not 6 or 7 hours, was so hot that the case had melted and cracked.

My initial thoughts were annoyance and frustration at having seriously ruined the chances of finding a good home for the darkroom equipment. it then occurred to me how lucky I was: the house could have burnt down! And if we hadn’t felt the need for a nightcap, it could have happened over night whilst we slept. Proof, if it were needed, that a whisky before bed is good for your health.

So, many thanks to the gods of house insurance who were on duty last night, and if anyone is interested in a slightly melted but still fully functional photographic enlarger get your bids in now at


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