Hello world!

This is my first ever blog and already I am finding the idea of sharing my thoughts with the world in this way somewhat daunting.

I am not entirely new to writing: in 2007 I had my first book published. It is a local history of my home town, Gloucester, in the southwest of England, and is titled The Story of Gloucester – it does just what it says on the cover!

I am currently working on my second book. People tell you that you should write about what you know, so I am taking that to heart and writing about the pubs in Gloucester. The working title for this is The Story of Gloucester Pubs.

This may sound like a very narrow focus, but I am trying to identify all of the pubs that have ever existed in the city and my list is currently up to 670. Well that’s not quite true, because many of these are obviously the same pubs under different names, but still, it’s quite a lot. Obviously I won’t be writing in detail about all of these, just some of the most interesting.

One of the attractions of writing a book such as this is the fieldwork. I feel that it is my duty to visit all of the pubs that currently exist before I write about them. A tough job, but someone has to do it.

It is this field research that made me start thinking about blogging. As well as the specific information about the individual pubs I find myself musing on wider social issues, and I would like to share these with the world – or at least that small part of it that finds this blog.

Many of my entries here will inevitably have a local Gloucester flavour, and many of these a specific pub connection, but I will also write about more general issues that occur to me.

I welcome your comments on any of my ramblings, and especially any information that you have on Gloucester pubs.


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